d4s_fic (d4s_fic) wrote,

Spike Ficlet

For seasonal_spuffy

Season 3 episode "Lovers Walk".

Having A Bitch

*Wanna Be Sedated …*

Yeah, I think I need to be sedated. I love Dru, and want her back, but she threw me out.

Two women, and they both love Angel. Yet they are so different.

One lives in her own world and even though I have loved her for more than a hundred years she still throws me out at the least little excuse. The other fights for her family and friends, even if it means she has to die.

Maybe I am right in saying that “love isn’t brains”, it’s straight from the heart.

But maybe my heart has had enough. Maybe I need to make another truce with Buffy. It was fun earlier fighting with her, and even if that doesn’t work out, she is a great opponent. What a way to go!

So, yes, I think I am looking at this all wrong … Watch out Sunneyhell, here I come
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