November 11th, 2010

D4S Fic

One Shot - Turn Again To Life

Over the years I have always been told that I am no good at writing - but since I "met" Spike I have dared to scribble a couple of stories. This is one that I have done, with HUGE help from a great beta - Thank You writero - You have been very patient! I posted it on April 19th(2007), on the anniversary of My Jaykub's birthday.

Warnings - Angst
Word Count - 2397
Time line - Set immediately post "Chosen"

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D4S Fic

Torchwood Ficlet - Trying To Be Free

I challenged friends to challenge me, in June 2008, and auntiero gave me an opening line "He came awake to the scream of the pterodactyl soaring overhead, the pain of newly drawn breath lancing through his lungs. " ... With the request that I don't use spoilers from either of this seasons Torchwood or Dr Who.

I chose Torchwood and did a short (233 word) story ... I'm not at all happy with how I have done the "voices" ... but see what you think -


He came awake to the scream of the pterodactyl soaring overhead, the pain of newly drawn breath lancing through his lungs.

Why did she keep doing it?
Why didn't she believe me?
How can I make her listen.

Jack kept the questions running through his mind as he struggled to straighten his neck into its correct position.

Sure enough, there was Suzie standing there looking at him. She held a stop-watch in her hands and looked like she had been timing him, from the minute he had hit the ground, until the second that the breath had come rushing back into his lungs.

The stop-watch was familiar, so was the look on her face.

"Why Suzie?"

"I can't believe it is true" was her reply.

"But after all this time, all these attempts. We have better things to spend our time on. We now even have our elevating platform to repair now."

"One day," she replied, "I will find a way to be free of you. One day, you will not be able to prove yourself superior!"

"Suzie, I am not superior. Sure, I know a lot about life, but that is only because I have been here a long time. Now, lets just get on, get the repaires done ... and find some food for our poor baby, before I ask him to fly off with you and answer all our problems!"

D4S Fic

One Shot - Heaven on Earth

This is just my story that I wrote in June 2008.  It is written in a response to a challenge that lilachigh set me, when she gave me the opening line:-
Buffy stared in horror. Spike had driven her out of town to the beach just as the moon was rising.
"Moonlight horse-riding, pet! You'll love it!"
She wanted it set in Season 6.

It has now been Beta'd by dragonflylady77  I would also like to give very special thanks to slaymesoftly for all her additional help.

Season 6, just before OMWF
2,360 words
Rating - PG
Warnings - None

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D4S Fic

"Corrected Vision"

My seasonal_spuffy entry in October 2008.

Rating - G
Word count - 4,800
Spoliers - Up to and including Season 2 episode - "I Only Have Eyes For You"
The story starts during this episode, and are my thoughts on what may have happened had spike been a witness to Buffy and Angel's meeting.

Finally - Huge and mega thanks to mabel_marsters for coping with me, and being a super Beta ... Thanks, you are the best.

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