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Subject:Welcome To My Fan-Fic Journal
Time:12:00 am
This journal, as I stated on my profile, only contains fiction that has already been published on my standard LJ account - debris4spike 

Please enjoy.


All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 

However if Joss ever wants to sell Spike - Then ... !!! 

Thanks also to James Marsters - without his great acting I wouldn't have got involved in fandom - and thus writing! 


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Subject:Having Eyes For Love
Time:09:37 am
This is my entry for the Autumn 2013 of seasonal_spuffy and I have written a "missing scene" from the end of the season 2 episode of BtVS, called "I Only Have Eyes For You".

Yet again I must give huge thanks to mabel_marsters as she has really helped me with this ... She is a true star!

Having Eyes For LoveCollapse )
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Subject:Season 2 Drabble
Time:08:54 pm

What an evening, Snyder and Mom just had to meet. Then Spike. Why can’t I just be a normal sixteen year old girl?

Fist and fangs. I have my weapons already, even though others make me feel manly. One hundred years of unlife goes so quickly, and even faster if I don’t play by the rules. Why wait for St, Vigeous, why would I want to be a normal vampire?

Slayer and vampire – so similar in many ways.

Who is the more normal? A girl with power who wants peace and quiet, or a vampire who flouts the Aurelian rules?


No beta, so sorry for any mistakes.

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Subject:A Joyce Drabble
Time:10:04 pm
Joyce POV, as she watches Spike comforting Buffy in "Fool for Love."
100 words. Un beta'd

Life, A Changing Path

Everything was simple.

I was a wife and mother. Then somewhere along the line, things changed.

Simple became hard.

My cheating husband left and we moved house. My daughter made some strange friends and she left for a time.

Finally life became easy again, although I realised that my daughter’s life was impossible.

Yet again life is getting hard.

One of my daughters isn’t quite mine and the other girl is finding college life tough. And, now I may have a “something”.

Maybe we just have to remember that the hardest thing in this world is to just keep living.
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Subject:Buffy Drabble
Time:08:58 pm
Chosen, for one good day?

Chosen as a cheerleader.
Chosen as a May Queen.
Chosen to be "The One".

Why me?

The outfits used to be cute, and all that I had to worry about was when the next shoe sale was. Now I have to choose which outfit wont show blood stains, and what shoes are comfortable to run across graveyards in.

Will I ever get to choose a boyfriend who just wants to be with me? One who I want to be with?

Or will I choose to tell Mom one final lie and let one random vampire have his "one good day"?

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Subject:Spuffy Fic - There’s A First Time for Everyone (Chapter 4 - 5)
Time:07:51 pm
This is the second section of the fic, started here

Chapter 4 - 5Collapse )

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Subject:Spike Drabble - Waiting For Tomorrow
Time:08:27 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative

This is written on the last night before the final battle in "Chosen" - and are Spike's thoughts as he sits "waiting for tomorrow".

Thanks, again to mabel_marsters  for her help.

“Waiting For Tomorrow”

I believe we can defeat the First Evil tomorrow. I have no doubts about that, at all.

After all, we now have a new plan. One that Buffy has given us. A positive hope for a better, more peaceful future.

When it comes down to it, everything is because of her. That one girl in all the world, my enemy, my partner, the slayer.

My love for her is everything .

I learned it when I was a child, now over a century later, I finally believe the words.

“Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.”

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Subject:Spuffy Fic - There’s A First Time for Everyone (Chapter 1 - 3)
Time:09:28 pm
It is set immediately at the end of "Hells Bells" in BtVS's Season 6 .... and the plot bunnies came from a prompt on schmoop_bingo of First Date.

With thanks, as ever to mabel_marsters  for her patience and help.

There’s A First Time for EveryoneCollapse )

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Subject:One Shot - Who Needs A Pet?
Time:09:56 pm

As I warned you some weeks ago, I was mad enough to sign up for the schmoop_bingo  challenge ... and here is another Spuffy offering. Mega thanks, again, to mabel_marsters 

It is set in an AU season 6, after Tabula Rasa ... and has 684 words, and uses the prompt "pet".

Who Needs A Pet?

“Come on guys, I need someone to stake me.” At least Spike knew that in saying that phrase in the back room of Willy’s would get him the loan of a kitten, rather than the more permanent answer that some of the Scooby’s would have preferred.

“OK, Spike. I’ve had some good luck, so here’s a tabby.” Clem, as always, was happy to help his friend. He understood that Spike was finding life hard at present. After days of sadness, the slayer had come back. Then Clem had watched Spike pushed out, and therefore having to watch Buffy struggling with her resurrection. His heart went out to the vampire, who was again proving how much love’s bitch he always was.

Once the kittens were in the basket, the game progressed.

Spike, as ever, did well. One advantage he had noticed in the early days of being a vampire is that he could hear heart-beats. Great when you’re the hunter ... even better to know who’s bluffing on a bet.

He paid Clem back his loan, gave him an extra one in thanks, and selected the pick of the winnings. At that he swept out of the door without a backward glance.

Over the last few weeks he knew that Clem had been concerned about him, but what his friend didn’t know was that Buffy was slowly working through her problems.

Maybe it would have been harder if Giles had gone back to England as he had originally planned. However, after the revelations caused by first the singing, and then the memory loss, the watcher had decided to stay with his girl, and help her find a sympathetic counsellor. He had even managed to find Buffy work as a fitness instructor to help pay the bills.

So, Spike was happy, happier than he had been in many years. He was watching his girls being happy, and their friends were slowly working out their differences.

All they were missing was a pet.

Sadly he knew that one day Buffy would feel up to dating, but until then he could enjoy being their friend ... and providing them with the missing member of the household.

He stood under his favourite tree, smoking his cigarette, and trying to tell himself that the girls would love his gift. So focussed was he on both tasks that when Buffy spoke to him he almost dropped the kitten. In grabbing her she scratched at his hand, so he started apologising and swearing at the bundle of fur.

Buffy for her part started giggling.

“Did the nasty monster hurt the big bad vampire?” Buffy choked out her question.

Spike was too happy at seeing her chuckle to take offense, and continued to swear at the feline. In mock horror, Buffy took the kitten in her hands and started stroking the soft fur.

“Poor baby. Are you OK? Did the big man upset you with those naughty words?” Her joking questioning transferred to her four-legged companion.

The three of them made their way indoors, where Buffy sat down with the kitten curled up on her lap.

“I thought you could do with a friend when you get in from patrolling late.” Spike tried to find an explanation that would be all right behind the reasoning for his gift. “She won’t take much care, but will be company for both of you.” He paused, before adding “and, protect you from those nasty vampires, as well.” Spike made a show of rubbing his scratched hand, while glaring at Buffy’s feline protector.

“Thank you, Spike” Buffy was touched by the gift. “Has she a name?”

“No, I thought you and the bit can decide, as she’s your girl.”

Buffy carefully stood up and for the second time leant slowly forward to give him a gentle kiss. They may have kissed a lot while ‘engaged’, but this kiss was as special as the first one she had given him.

As they parted, Spike stretched his hand out to stroke between the kitten’s ears, before quietly leaving the new girl to get settled in.

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Subject:One Shot - Blondes Have More Fun ... Or They Plan To!
Time:09:54 pm

Here is another short fic for the schmoop_bingo challenge I am doing ... and here it is! Mega thanks, again, to mabel_marsters 

There are 528 words, and it is set, season 4, during "Something Blue" ... and has the prompt of "Public Proposal"

Blondes Have More Fun ... Or They Plan To!

“They don’t believe that we want to get married.”

“Well, I suppose it was only yesterday you had me chained up in Giles bathroom.” Spike calmly soothed his fiancée’s worries.

“Yes, but don’t they know it was only to keep you safe.”

“If you keep biting that lip we won’t be able to keep walking and if we don’t keep walking we won’t be able to rescue Willow.”

“And, if we don’t rescue Willow, we can’t get back to cuddling at Giles place,” Buffy smiled at him.

They had been walking through the cemetery with Xander and Anya since they had seen the marks on the dorm room carpet. Anya had insisted that it was D’Hoffryn, so they had to find a suitable place to enable her to contact her former boss.

Spike, for his part, was finding the evening hard.

For the first time in decades a girl he loved wanted to be with him. She was walking along with him, holding hands. However, she was upset. However joyful he felt, that Buffy returned his love, he knew that while her friends were in danger, she would be worried.

So, Spike was upset too.

“Hang on, pet.” He halted in front of a couple of trees that reminded him vaguely of his garden back when he was human. Taking both her hands in his, he turned to face her

... then went down on one knee.

“I know I’ve already asked you the question once, but I want to do it again. That way there will be no doubt at all that we mean it when we actually tie the knot.” Spike paused, to make sure that Anya, and more especially Xander were listening. “Buffy Summers, will you marry me?”

“The answer’s yes. It was yes earlier, and it will be yes every time you ask me.”

Spike started to reply to the radiant girl when he was knocked over by her leaping into his arms. All he could think was that he was glad he didn’t have to breathe; otherwise he would never have coped with her enthusiastic kisses, while feeling so unbelievably happy.

“Buffy, you have to stop that!” Xander tried to order the girl to come to her senses. “You can’t want to marry Spike. It’s insane.”

As he said the words, the happy couple were completely ignoring him, but a group of people taking a short-cut back to the dorms heard him.


“Must be Buffy Summers.”

“Yes, that’s her. Look, over there, with that gorgeous guy.”

“Getting married? Cool, we can have a party.”

The chattering teens rushed over to the oblivious pair, dragging them apart, and to their feet, before they started hugging and cheering. Clearly the party was going to be fun. Everyone was going to share in their good news, which made the two of them totally delighted.

At long last people were happy for them. All it had needed was for the proposal to be heard by more than the one person. Now everyone could join in to celebrate the happiness of the future Mr. & Mrs. The Bloody.

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